Subscribe to rss feed search cardiological society of india news from emedinews part of ijcp publications ltd home cardiology emedinews   tag archive: cardiovascular disease jul 31 uspstf updates guidelines on healthy lifestyle for cvd prevention categories: cardio news by cardiology emedinews the most common cause of death is cardiovascular disease (cvd). Cardiovascular morbidity and mortality rates are lower in adults who adhere to a healthy diet, according toâ dietary guidelines for americans, 2010, and follow physical activity guidelines, according to theâ 2008 physical activity guidelines for americans. are viagra and viagra the same â in adults, medium- and high-intensity counseling is linked with reduced intakes … continue reading » tags: cardiovascular disease, cvd prevention, healthy lifestyle, low-density lipoprotein, uspstf updates guidelines leave comment dec 31 top ten cardiology myths as defines by aha categories: editorial by cardiology emedinews padma shri and dr b c roy national awardee dr kk aggarwal i’m too young to worry about heart disease. normal dose of viagra Even young and middle-aged people can develop heart problems – especially now that obesity, type 2 diabetes and other risk factors are becoming more common at a younger age. I’d know if i had high … continue reading » tags: cardiovascular disease, physical inactivity and smoking, top ten cardiology myths as defines by aha leave comment dec 08 osa and heart categories: csi news by cardiology emedinews 63rdâ annual csi conference live coverage from mumbai by dr kk aggarwal dr a ganguly 1. viagra without prescription Osa highly prevalent with cardiovascular disease 2. highest safe dose of viagra Some patients who are diagnosed with osa have an ahi greater than 15 events per hour, but do not exhibit excessive sleepiness and do not have sleep-related comorbidities. viagra coupon Such patients may have an … continue reading » tags: cardiovascular disease, mild pulmonary hypertension, osa and heart, systemic hypertension leave comment nov 08 ten points about telmisartan a 3rd generation arb categories: csi cardiology update by cardiology emedinews dr pritam patil and dr suman bhandari 1. viagra cost â  blockade of the ras is an important approach in managing high blood pressure, and has increasingly been shown to affect cardiovascular disease processes mediated by angiotensin ii throughout the cardiovascular and renal continua. viagra viagra y viagra precios 2. buy viagra online â telmisartan is an angiotensin ii receptor blocker (arb) displaying unique pharmacologic properties, … continue reading » tags: atrial fibrillation, cardiovascular disease, left ventricular, telmisartan leave comment 4th asia pacific vascular intervention course (apvic-iv) june 8-10-2012 the oberoi, dr. buy viagra Zakir hussain marg, new delhi 4th asia pacific vascular intervention course -excerpts from a panel dis. buy viagra without prescription